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John and I are just two very good friends and business partners, I am looking forward to a retirement and putting my hobbies to a good use. We spend a lot of time working but we do enjoy the time we have to take movies and photographs of just about everything. John works with the schools a lot and therefore is busy doing plenty of work with kids and young adults in many ways. He is the head man in the DARE program in the school district where he spends a good amount of time and is one of the best there is in this field; the young people love him and so do most, if not all of the parents and teachers. I, on the other hand, am a blue collar worker who just loves to photograph everything there is. In thebeginning, John dabbled with video and of the years has gotten a bit more into it, and now, is not dabbling, but making beautiful videos of everything he does! We cover just about everything there is from sports, weddings, parties, individual, pets andmany other things. Enjoy the photographs. Videos to come in the future.

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13.Linda Cloud(non-registered)
You took some great pictures at the Interboro High School 45th Reunion, Gordon!! Looking forward to watching the video!!
12.Christine McGillen(non-registered)
Great picture taking Chief! Was a pleasure working at the high school with you. Hope to see you around.
11.Tony Meccariello(non-registered)
Thanks a lot John for all the work you do at the high school. You are a class act!
10.Kathy Dean(non-registered)
John, thanks for sharing pics of prom. I enjoyed seeing them. Thanks also for all the time you dedicate to our schools. You have been an integral part of our schools for so long and in so many ways!
8.Jennifer Mullen(non-registered)
Hello Gordon,

I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did for my son's graduation party this past weekend. I can't wait to see the photo's and I will definitley pass the word on you are the best. You were there everytime I wanted that special moment a true professional.
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